Black Friday Deals at Comicazi!

Hey gang! If you’re looking to start your holiday shopping, or if you want to save yourself a bundle on a stack of comic-y goodness, then we’ve got you covered! We’ve got a bunch of deals lined up for Black Friday, that should be continuing through the end of the year. Come on down!

50% OFF ALL MINI SERIES: Every single mini series in the shop is 50% off the already discounted price! We’ve got a few hundred minis, story arcs, and complete runs bundled up, ranging from the 1970s to books fresh off the wall in 2016. Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, and tons of indies are represented. A big chunk of these stories have never been collected in trade, and are long out of print, so it’s a great way to snag some excellent stories on the cheap.




50% OFF ALL HIGHLIGHT BOOKS: Highlights are some of our favorite back issues, all marked down 50%! We rotate Highlights every few weeks to spotlight new arrivals, movie tie ins, and some of our favorite covers from the back issue bins. This month we’ve got a range of books, including Silver Age Dr. Strange, Bronze Age Marvel horror, cosmic books like Infinity Gauntlet, and Modern Age keys like the first appearance of Danny Ketch as Ghost Rider! These Highlights are right above the back issue bins.

img_0473 img_0474


5 TRADES FOR $20: We’ve got a few hundred TPBs and GNs at the back of the shop marked down to 5 for $20! It’s a huge selection of stuff that we don’t have room for on the main trade shelf, with lots of Marvel and DC / Vertigo stuff represented. Plenty of great reads, and trades don’t get much cheaper.



BUY 1, GET 2 FREE HARDCOVERS: Right on the island by the front door, we’ve got discounted hardcovers set up for you to peruse! Lots of Batman, Spider-Man, Hulk, Avengers, some big Marvel Masterworks and DC Archives, beautiful art books, oversized collections, even a few movie tie ins. Buy one hardcover at cover price, and get two books at the same price for free!



HOLIDAY GIFT BASKETS: We’ve pulled together some themed holiday gift baskets, bundling together similar comics and toys at a discount! We’re covering everything from superheroes, to sci-fi, to fantasy, and more, so there should be something for everyone. These will be out in the shop starting Friday 11/25, but these bundles will be limited, so don’t wait if you’re looking to grab one. Let us know if you’d like to see a specific kind of bundle, and we’ll see what we can pull together!





25% OFF VINTAGE BOARD GAMES & PUZZLES: At the back of the shop, just beyond the back issue bins, you’ll find a display of vintage board games and puzzles, all for 25% off! Lots of great tie ins for comic books, movies, TV shows, and cartoons, as well as classic toys like Lincoln Logs and Pick Up Stix!