Bad Kids Press


Bad Kids Press is a collective of comic book writers, artists and novelists working together to spotlight their individual stories, as well as dabble in some light to moderate world domination.

Founded in 2013 as the independent, creative-owned publishing division of Comicazi, (voted Boston’s Best Comic Book Store 4 years running!), Bad Kids Press is looking for new voices and fresh talent to join their merry menagerie. A growing roster of innovative misfits who’d rather make origami birds out of instructional manuals than be told one more time how to assemble their own toys.

Offering unique publication resources, in-store signings, special events, prorated convention invitations and an extensive network to help promote your work or fundraising effort, Bad Kids Press has the knowledge base and the necessary dedication to help you take your story where you need it to be.

That’s because Bad Kids Press has already helped successfully fundraise Kickstarter projects including Gwf, Nefarious Twit and Rogan. Joining Bad Kids Press means the same level of support and commitment towards your own project.

Moving forward, as comic book publishing continues to change Bad Kids Press continues to evolve right along with it. Digital Reader Access, the future of Bad Kids Press, will be the next step towards that evolution.

Now is a particularly exciting time to be a storyteller in any medium, let alone the comic book industry. There are unprecedented opportunities and resources available to anyone who believes their work deserves a larger audience. Unfortunately this also means it’s become even harder to distinguish oneself and call attention to quality storytelling.

What you need is something to direct readers to your work. A home where the success of likeminded creators actually brings more readers to your project instead of taking them away from it. So that now instead of working against each other you and all these other storytellers are actually working for each other. All you need is a place that can bring you together, funnel your efforts and focus the attention of your various readers.

Not just a virtual site but an actual physical place that not only supports but showcases your story with a designated space on the shelf designed just for it.

This is that place.

Bad Kids Press – Stories That Deserve Spotlights